Some of the stuff I've written which might be useful/interesting to a wider audience.

(There's plenty of stuff which wouldn't be, trust me!)


This one I didn't write, but it appears to have been abandoned by the original author. Since I use it in one of my other projects I picked it up, updated the dependencies and stuff, then figured I might as well publish the result so other people can get some use out of it as well.

GitHub repo


If you want to add CAPTCHA support to (for example) your contact forms, but you don't want to invite Google to insert it's tentacles into your website, then the server is worth a look. It's free if you don't mind their branding, or you can pay to remove it.

CaptchaJs is a JavaScript library with the aim of making it easy to use their service, assuming you're familiar with the basics of a server-side web app.

GitHub repo

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