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Vue and PWA = awesome

I just had to take a minute to say - Vue’s automatic PWA support is amazing. Enable it with the Vue CLI and it Just Works. Okay, you have to supply your own icons and stuff, but that's pretty

X doesn't exist

When Linux keeps reporting that a binary doesn't exist, when it clearly does? That's annoying. One possible reason is below - this is the one that bit me a few days ago. If you don't know what bits and bytes

GraphQL - first steps

I was following Flavio Copes' tutorial on creating a basic GraphQL server in Express the other day. The tutorial was good, but I realised at the end that it didn't give you an example of a query to actually see

Microphone not working in Windows

Just sharing this for anyone else who Googled/DuckDuckGo'ed and didn't have any luck. Short versiontl;dr - if you've already done the "sound settings", "set default", update drivers etc. dance, check the "privacy" settings. In there is "allow access

Easy certificates for Localstack

I found myself having to generate certificates for a Localstack instance, several times (because I forgot the syntax and they got overwritten); eventually I gave up and wrote this shell script to do it. The script uses the excellent mkcert,

Uploading to S3 using signed URLs

There are a few guides to doing this out there - however, I found that none of them really worked for me for one reason or another. So I thought I’d document what worked for me. If nothing else

How to save a draft in Ghost

I searched thinking it would bring up an obvious hit in DuckDuckGo/Google/Bing/whatever, but it didn't. So - for future reference, and hopefully saving you some time - here's one way: Windows - CTRL+SMac - Command+SThere