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Using QEMU in 32-bit mode

Lately I’ve been following this series on on writing your own OS from the ground up - it makes a nice change of pace from the web stuff I’ve been doing, from very near the top

Too Many Headers

Also known as "things I've learned today"... I've been using Insomnia the last couple of days to test a web API. Insomnia's a great client - it's got lots of features to make life easier. You can set arbitrary headers

Vue and PWA = awesome

I just had to take a minute to say - Vue’s automatic PWA support is amazing. Enable it with the Vue CLI and it Just Works. Okay, you have to supply your own icons and stuff, but that's pretty

X doesn't exist

When Linux keeps reporting that a binary doesn't exist, when it clearly does? That's annoying. One possible reason is below - this is the one that bit me a few days ago. If you don't know what bits and bytes

GraphQL - first steps

I was following Flavio Copes' tutorial on creating a basic GraphQL server in Express the other day. The tutorial was good, but I realised at the end that it didn't give you an example of a query to actually see

Microphone not working in Windows

Just sharing this for anyone else who Googled/DuckDuckGo'ed and didn't have any luck. Short versiontl;dr - if you've already done the "sound settings", "set default", update drivers etc. dance, check the "privacy" settings. In there is "allow access

Easy certificates for Localstack

I found myself having to generate certificates for a Localstack instance, several times (because I forgot the syntax and they got overwritten); eventually I gave up and wrote this shell script to do it. The script uses the excellent mkcert,