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Microphone not working in Windows

Just sharing this for anyone else who Googled/DuckDuckGo'ed and didn't have any luck. Short versiontl;dr - if you've already done the "sound settings", "set default", update drivers etc. dance, check the "privacy" settings. In there is "allow access

Easy certificates for Localstack

I found myself having to generate certificates for a Localstack instance, several times (because I forgot the syntax and they got overwritten); eventually I gave up and wrote this shell script to do it. The script uses the excellent mkcert,

Uploading to S3 using signed URLs

There are a few guides to doing this out there - however, I found that none of them really worked for me for one reason or another. So I thought I’d document what worked for me. If nothing else

How to save a draft in Ghost

I searched thinking it would bring up an obvious hit in DuckDuckGo/Google/Bing/whatever, but it didn't. So - for future reference, and hopefully saving you some time - here's one way: Windows - CTRL+SMac - Command+SThere

Ulysses integration with Ghost

So one of my favourite editors - Ulysses - just got Ghost integration. This is me checking it out. It actually works beautifully. Go to “publish”, add your Ghost account if it’s not present, pick the style you want

Pairing an Apple Bluetooth keyboard

I realise the Apple website has some good guidance for that, but I thought I'd write down the bit where I went wrong in case it helps some other folks. To trigger the keyboard to re-pair (once the original device