One Small Step...

If there is anyone following me, you might have noticed that I haven’t really posted anything lately.

The reason is simple — there’s been so much going on at home that I haven’t had any brain space to write. There have been days when I could manage to watch a music video and that was about it.

And yet things like emptying the rubbish, cleaning the bathroom, they all still need to happen.

The best way I’ve found for this is to kind of sneak up on things. Rather than tell myself I’m going to clean the bathroom, I’m just getting this brush and cleaning these tiles. Rather than clearing all the stuff out of the kitchen, I’m just bringing in the bags that I’ll put the rubbish in, that’s all.

Somehow, when you do it like that, things seem to still get done. The bags are in, so you might as well put some of the stuff in them. These tiles are done, might as well do those ones.

The craziness isn’t showing any signs of going anyway just yet. But I know I still want to keep writing. So I’m going to keep doing it the same way as everything else at the moment — one step at a time.

This post? It's one small step.

Photo by Hayley Seibel on Unsplash

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