Exploring file types in Linux

My setupI don't actually run a Linux desktop, strictly speaking - I use MobaXTerm on my Windows laptop to ssh in. Moba runs an X server, so I can open windows from the Linux machine as if they were native

Vuex getters

Every time I have to write a Vuex getter with parameters I have to look it up again - for some reason the method just doesn't go in. Today I found this comment, which gives an example of what feels


I use mkcert and lvh.me quite a lot for local web development. To avoid gotchas (and because some libraries require it) I often test using HTTPS locally, which means generating a set of certs for each dev install. The

Unexpected Lists

I've been putting something together in Phoenix, and one of the pages kept throwing an error that it couldn't find item_path/3. This was odd, as the generating code in the template had four arguments.

Using QEMU in 32-bit mode

Lately I’ve been following this series on dev.to on writing your own OS from the ground up - it makes a nice change of pace from the web stuff I’ve been doing, from very near the top